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Integrating Push Notifications using FCM
Recently, I integrated push notifications in my react native app using react-native-firebase. I came across many challenges during the process of integration to successful implementation, so I thought to share useful resources.

For setup :

Step 1: (For Android & iOS)

Installation FCM in your project. Blow link show you how to setup FCM in your required environment https://rnfirebase.io/docs/v5.x.x/installation/initial-setup After complete fcm installation choose your platform Android and iOS. If you choose first android then implement below all android steps sequential and then implement all iOS steps. Step 2: (For Android)
(For iOS)
(For iOS)
(For Android)
(For iOS)
I hope you can follow all the above steps perfectly.it is help you to setup Push-Notification environment. After completing all above setups we are implement Receive Push Notifications .Now let's code the most awaited part… Receiving Notifications! 😉
https://rnfirebase.io/docs/v5.x.x/notifications/receiving-notifications Now lets see how to use FCM (Firebase) for sending push-Notification
    Click on Add Project
    Select your platform. make sure package name is same as your Selected platform.
Example: (in android your package name is com.abc so in firebase your android package name is also com.abc) Now download config file and Make sure your google-services.json for (Android) and GoogleService-Info.plist for (iOS) are placed in correct folders.
    Add firebase SDK
    Run your app to verify installation (you can skip this step)
Now everything is done for sending Push-Notification.Let’s see its work fine or not? So, now select cloud messaging option it’s look like below
cloud messaging screen
send notification
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For setup :