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Customize App
Project customising

Project Structure

After importing project successfully and Open the project folder in textEditor(ex. Visual Studio) and you will get project structure like below image
Within app module, files are shown in the following groups:
Project Structure

Change App name

Change App Name in IOS

Go to the app > Project > Project from TARGETS > General category > Bundle Identifier
change app name in iOS

Change App Name in Android

Go to the App > res > values > strings.xml
change app name in Android

Change App Package Name

Please follow this link steps :
npm: react-native-rename

Change API URL

Change the Base Url for inside the
Go to the WEBILENEWSRN > src > Config > index.js
Replace the base url : "http://itechnotion.in/webile-news/" to url: ''your base url '
change base url

Contact Us form configuration

Download zip here from this link and put in root directory of server then unzip it in root directory. It will add that custom API files in api directory. Example: http://www.yourdomain.com/API (Root directory of WordPress) SITE_URL/api/contact_us.php
Post parameters:
1) name
2) email
3) message Note: Contact us form data will be sent to admin email of WordPress website.
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